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Synonym of Close (verb)

convenient warm adjacent neighboring adjoining handy impending approaching at hand contiguous immediate imminent nearly next proximate nearest abutting nigh across the street around the corner give or take a little hard by in spitting distance in the ball park near-at-hand under one's nose

Example of Close

Example in a Sentences of Close

Example Sentences for close

He called up the subject at once, and we have seen the close of his interview with Phyllis.

With Careless, in the close arbour; he may want you by this time, as much as you want her.

Sarah Pugh, the lovely Quaker, was ever her close friend and helper.

The officer rose to his feet just then, as if to close the painful discussion.

She only knew that her child was close by—here in New York—and had asked for her.

All the passengers had come on deck when it was announced that we were close in to Key West.

Keep with Master Ambrose and Jane as close to me as you can.

I was out in my boat looking for any craft that wanted a pilot, and I was close aboard of her.

A tread, every footstep of which might have been passing over them, was close at hand.

He knew his father would not be back till after it was time to close the shop.

Word Origin & History of - Close

Word Origin & History of Close

Word Origin & History

close c.1200, "to shut, cover in," from O.Fr. clos- pp. stem of clore "shut," from L. clausus, pp. of claudere "to close, block up, put an end to, enclose, confine," from PIE base *klau- "hook, crooked or forked branch" (used as a bar or bolt in primitive structures); cf. L. clavis "key," clavus "nail," claustrum "bar, bolt, barrier," claustra "dam, wall, barricade, stronghold;" Gk. kleidos "bar, bolt, key," klobos "cage;" O.Ir. clo "nail;" O.C.S. kljucu "hook, key," kljuciti "shut;" Lith. kliuti "to catch, be caught on," kliaudziu "check, hinder," kliuvu "clasp, hang;" O.H.G. sliozan "shut," Ger. ...schließen "shut," Schüßel "key;" M.Ir. clithar "hedge, fence." Replaced O.E. beclysan.

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