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Chunk Definition Chunk Meaning in Bengali

"Chunk Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Chunk. What are 5 "Chunk synonyms"? What is a better word for Chunk? What's another word for Chunk? How can I replace the word Chunk? What is the Definition of Chunk.

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Synonym of Chunk (noun)

dollop wad lump portion hunk piece block clod nugget glob part gob

Example of Chunk

Example in a Sentences of Chunk

Example Sentences for chunk

Charlie took out a chunk of bread, dabbed a spoonful of marmalade on top of it, and gave it to the lad.

The Major pulled his moustache and flicked a chunk of mud from his boot with his whip.

Do not let the butcher persuade you to get a long, thin piece; insist on a chunk.

“Hold on there, Shorty,” says Chunk, as I starts out to deliver the collection.

Also, Pete intimated that there was a good chance of prevailing upon the dining-car conductor to throw off a chunk of ice.

He took the chunk out of her saucer, and poured the soft in.

Geoghen, on the other hand, had just a chunk of rye bread, covered over with a slice of ham.

I got a chunk in me pocket; been usin' it t' put in my bear cub's drinkin' water.

Do you take this chunk of meat, he directed Tillie, and go down to the saloon and get another bottle of hooch.

“Looks like a chunk carved out of a cypress knee,” adds a second.

Word Origin & History of - Chunk

Word Origin & History of Chunk

Word Origin & History

chunk 1691, variant of chuck (n.); meaning "large amount" is 1889. Verb meaning "to throw" is 1835, Amer.Eng.

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