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Chide Definition Chide Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Chide. What are 5 "Chide synonyms"? What is a better word for Chide? What's another word for Chide? How can I replace the word Chide? What is the Definition of Chide.

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Synonym of Chide (noun)

rebuke scold censure berate blame admonish upbraid castigate reprimand reproach condemn reprehend flay rate reprove check lesson take down tell off monish slap on the wrist call down call on the carpet exprobate find fault give a hard time speak to take down a peg talk to tick off

Example of Chide

Example in a Sentences of Chide

Example Sentences for chide

Forgive me any thing I may have said, that seems to chide my father.

I shall not chide you now that it turns your face to the fatherland.

She was very cold towards him to-day, but Mrs. Cathcart did not chide her.

Jaqueline was inclined to smile, and she could not chide Albert for his frankness.

It seemed so strange that she would no longer be free to console him, to chide him, to laugh at and with him.

Though I was a few minutes late for dinner, Miss Herbert did not chide me for delay.

I shall not chide thee for thy hasty words; time will bring them to thy memory with remorse.

I hardly know whether most to laugh at your freak or to chide you for its folly.'

He had gone to a theological school and learned to chide people for their complaints and to administer well-phrased anodynes.

Then at last they slowly returned, unrebuked, for no man had the heart to chide their daring.

Word Origin & History of - Chide

Word Origin & History of Chide

Word Origin & History

chide c.1175, "scold, nag, rail," originally intransitive, from O.E. cidan "quarrel." Only in English.

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