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Top ten synonyms Chat. What are 5 "Chat synonyms"? What is a better word for Chat? What's another word for Chat? How can I replace the word Chat? What is the Definition of Chat.

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Synonym of Chat (noun)

conversation chatter gossip rap jabber babble gas converse visit yak prattle palaver gab bull session hot air rap session heart-to-heart tête-à-tête

Example of Chat

Example in a Sentences of Chat

Example Sentences for chat

Alack, I cannot sleep a wink myself, so as sorrow loves sympathy, I came to have a chat with you.

I was on my way to call on you; but if you will step in to see Mrs Enderby, we can have our chat there.

She is ready for a chat, but can impart no information whatever concerning the monuments in her charge.

"I'm glad of that; we can have a chat," said Hurd, producing his pipe.

He was working in his garden one day, setting out fruit trees, when a neighbor came along and stopped to chat.

After meals, wash your face, and clean your teeth, chat and walk soberly.

Betty took the seat; and now all the girls began to chat, each of them talking lovingly and kindly to the other.

Amschel Mayer said, "Certainly a last minute chat can't harm."

"By Gad, I'd like to find the old lady sittin' in the house, waitin' for a chat," he thought.

We hurried on to the hotel; but as we passed the rink the President stopped me for a chat.

Word Origin & History of - Chat

Word Origin & History of Chat

Word Origin & History

chat c.1440, short for chatter (q.v.). Chatty is first attested 1762.

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