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Top ten synonyms Character. What are 5 "Character synonyms"? What is a better word for Character? What's another word for Character? How can I replace the word Character? What is the Definition of Character.

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Synonym of Character (verb)

style humor nature type kind cast aspect sense tone quality spirit personality streak set bent habit attribute frame morale shape standing constitution record genius complex complexion repute ethos badge sort caliber trait makeup specialty disposition temperament singularity mettle vein mood appearance mystique turn reputation grain estimation temper frame of mind emotions crasis

Example of Character

Example in a Sentences of Character

Example Sentences for character

"There's no character hin all the world as I hadmires like Cinderella," said Sue.

Do we not pardon a lack of incident in a novel of character?

No one would have guessed from it that she had not a shred of character to her back.

He is 271not known but by the character which his son has given him.

To hold him guilty, here or elsewhere, of malice or hypocrisy, is to misread his character.

He had very little idea as yet of the firmness of Gama's character.

But little is known of the number and character of their inmates at the time.

But I do blame you for leaving them with a stain upon your character.

Here, then, the reader may behold us for the first time in our character of settlers.

Many other things have changed name and face, but not character.

Word Origin & History of - Character

Word Origin & History of Character

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