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Top ten synonyms Chaperone. What are 5 "Chaperone synonyms"? What is a better word for Chaperone? What's another word for Chaperone? How can I replace the word Chaperone? What is the Definition of Chaperone.

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Synonym of Chaperone (noun)

matron protector convoy monitor governess guardian companion guard scout usher escort overseer safeguard guide duenna surveillant

Example of Chaperone

Example in a Sentences of Chaperone

Example Sentences for chaperone

They should not be able to say I could not chaperone myself in any situation.

"The wife of Malkiel the Second needs no chaperone," retorted Madame.

As it had not, she expressed herself ready to chaperone anybody.

The sharp eyes of the chaperone flitted to and fro from the girl to the man.

And don't forget to send 'The Chaperone' home by Mr. Edwards to-morrow night.

The chaperone's eyes followed him, and then she looked at the curious faces about her.

A round of blue paper under our chaperone's arm caught the eye of Mr. Dod.

Henrietta was compelled to take her over to England, and, in fact, to chaperone her.

And now Betty began to watch the windows for the arrival of her chaperone; and four o'clock came, and five, but no Madame Gautier.

They used to go walking together—and without any chaperone, too!

Word Origin & History of - Chaperone

Word Origin & History of Chaperone

Word Origin & History

chaperon 1720, from Fr. chaperon "protector," especially "female companion to a young woman," earlier "head covering, hood," from O.Fr. chaperon, dim. of chape "cape." The verb is first attested 1796. "... English writers often erroneously spell it chaperone, app. under the supposition that it requires a fem. termination." [OED]"Chaperon ... when used metaphorically means that the experienced married woman shelters the youthful débutante as a hood shelters the face" [1864].

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