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Chafe Definition Chafe Meaning in Bengali

"Chafe Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Chafe. What are 5 "Chafe synonyms"? What is a better word for Chafe? What's another word for Chafe? How can I replace the word Chafe? What is the meaning of Chafe in English?

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Synonym of Chafe (verb)

irritate ruffle peel inflame scratch excoriate damage scrape hurt impair grate graze abrade skin gall erode bark corrode wear

Example of Chafe

Example in a Sentences of Chafe

Example Sentences for chafe

He took one of the limp hands in his and began to chafe it, while Mrs. Tanberry grasped the other.

They will, I fear, chafe her own nature more than she can improve theirs.

The very beating of the rain, the adverse wind, seemed to chafe his spirits and excite his courage.

The general is sore upon this point; you will only chafe him.

Couldn't the chafe, now, take an army out in his doubled-barrelled canoes, an' commince the work av convarsion?

Adrian knelt beside her, and began gently to chafe it with both hands.

"Nina—I mean Miss Ross—is an old friend of mine," he said, just beginning to chafe a little.

And though they chafe at the long engagement, it is a blessing in disguise.

He rolled him over on his back and began to chafe his hands.

That he was beginning to chafe, to fret, and shuffle his feet only added to my dismay.

Word Origin & History of - Chafe

Word Origin & History of Chafe

Word Origin & History

chafe early 14c., "to heat, rub with the hands to make warm," from O.Fr. chaufer, from V.L. *calefare, from L. calefacere "to make hot, make warm," from calere "be warm" (see calorie) + facere "to make, do" (see factitious). Sense of "make sore by rubbing" first recorded 1520s.

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