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Censure Definition Censure Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Censure. What are 5 "Censure synonyms"? What is a better word for Censure? What's another word for Censure? How can I replace the word Censure? What is the Definition of Censure.

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Synonym of Censure (noun)

condemnation rebuke reprimand obloquy castigation reprehension stricture admonition disapproval blame objection remonstrance reproof admonishment reproach dressing down

Example of Censure

Example in a Sentences of Censure

Example Sentences for censure

What cause of censure have you, then, if I am no to say ill-will against my Anne?

We are not disposed to enter into the question in any spirit of censure.

I was told there was a censure from the Sorbonne, but this I could not believe.

Yet censure is not heard beneath the tomb, any more than praise.

The vote of censure was carried; and those who had moved it hoped that the managers would resign in disgust.

I am heart-broken for you as a brother: but as a magistrate, I will admit no censure.

Dat veniam corvis, vexat censura columbas—He pardons the ravens, but visits with censure the doves.

He abuses the confidence reposed in him,—where is his censure?

The censure was carried in the Lords by nine votes, but was defeated in the Commons by a ministerial majority of eighteen.

Performing its function, it was fit to censure me and I took the cup.

Word Origin & History of - Censure

Word Origin & History of Censure

Word Origin & History

censure late 14c., from L. censura "judgment" (see censor). The verb is first attested 1580s.

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