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Carom Definition Carom Meaning in Bengali

"Carom Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Carom. What are 5 "Carom synonyms"? What is a better word for Carom? What's another word for Carom? How can I replace the word Carom? What is the meaning of Carom in English?

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Synonym of Carom (noun)

glance skim ricochet strike bump rebound graze

Example of Carom

Example in a Sentences of Carom

Example Sentences for carom

He learned to play French carom and pyramid pool,—every thing in fact.

Carom, kar′om, n. an abbreviation for Carambole, the same as Cannon in billiards.

We came near making a carom sometimes, but not the one we were trying to make.

A festive grasshopper jumps up into my face, and makes a carom on the web.

If the ball be pocketed after having made a carom or winning hazard, the player cannot score the count he may have made.

To make a carom, the player must cause his own ball to strike two or more balls in the same shot.

Max stopped in the act of trying for a carom, and stared at his sister.

The game is played with three balls only, two white and one red, and on a carom table.

Monty thrust a franc in her hand and turned quickly from her to carom against a tall well-dressed man who was passing.

On a carom table he has the right to play on either ball, even though both should be within the “string.”

Word Origin & History of - Carom

Word Origin & History of Carom

Word Origin & History

carom 1779, from Sp. carombola "the red ball in billiards," originally an orange tropical Asian fruit supposed to resemble a red billiard ball, from Marathi (southern Indian) karambal. The verb is 1860, from the noun.

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