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Capitalize Definition Capitalize Meaning in Bengali

"Capitalize Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Capitalize. What are 5 "Capitalize synonyms"? What is a better word for Capitalize? What's another word for Capitalize? How can I replace the word Capitalize? What is the Definition of Capitalize.

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Synonym of Capitalize (verb)

take advantage of exploit profit subsidize obtain gain realize avail oneself of make capital of

Example of Capitalize

Example in a Sentences of Capitalize

Example Sentences for capitalize

Frohman was now able to capitalize his brilliant road-company experience.

In Dutch capitalize all nouns and all adjectives derived from proper nouns.

Strangely, however, many writers assume offhand that anybody can capitalize words correctly and uniformly.

Capitalize, the holy man entered the holy place at the appointed time.

But do not capitalize when the plural is used, as the state universities of Michigan, Kansas and Ohio.

Now we are going to capitalize him; I believe that's the word.

Do not capitalize association, club, etc., when not attached to a specific name.

Thats what I capitalize my knowledge of pictures at, Weiller explained.

Capitalize this Gaugin talk; also the talk about poor mad Blakeslie.

He must capitalize that splendid urbanity, that jocose wit, into ticket-sales.

Word Origin & History of - Capitalize

Word Origin & History of Capitalize

Word Origin & History

capitalize "act of writing or printing in capital letters," 1764, from capital. Meaning "to convert (assets) to capital" is recorded from 1868. Capitalized is recorded from 1863. Capitalizing is from 1880.

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