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Top ten synonyms Canny. What are 5 "Canny synonyms"? What is a better word for Canny? What's another word for Canny? How can I replace the word Canny? What is the Definition of Canny.

Synonym of Canny (adv)

ingenious cautious wise sly adroit skillful shrewd frugal discreet cagey judicious subtle prudent intelligent astute able acute careful circumspect cunning dexterous foxy knowing perspicacious quick quick-witted sagacious slick slippery smart smooth street smart wary watchful with it worldly-wise having fancy footwork hep nimble-witted streetwise

Example of Canny

Example in a Sentences of Canny

Example Sentences for canny

Immediate orders were issued by the king for the arrest of the Knight of Canny.

The farmer was back in ten minutes, with a canny face that defied reading.

The canny natives had kept an internal corner for contingencies, and polished the kid's very bones.

And old Angus wagged his head and said, "Canny lass, the widdy!"

He is a canny, uncertain fellow, and nothing like as hardy as we might expect from his origin.

He was always a canny Scotsman, and liked to take care of his money.

A wide detour was made by the canny Hobbs—wider, in fact, than the impatient American thought wholly necessary.

Some of the little contrivances, which he thought so canny, left her doubtful.

The canny sense within him continued to whisper that until the ankle was sound he must bide his time.

What is the good of your pretending to be Irish, Hamilton, when you are a canny Scotchman?

Word Origin & History of - Canny

Word Origin & History of Canny

Word Origin & History

canny 1630s, Scottish and northern England formation from can (v.) in its sense of "know how to." Often used superciliously of Scots by their southern neighbors, implying "thrift and an eye to the main chance."

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