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Top ten synonyms Buzz. What are 5 "Buzz synonyms"? What is a better word for Buzz? What's another word for Buzz? How can I replace the word Buzz? What is the Definition of Buzz.

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Synonym of Buzz (verb)

whisper murmur hum purr ringing drone fizzle hiss ring whir fizz sibilation

Example of Buzz

Example in a Sentences of Buzz

Example Sentences for buzz

It was full of people, and the buzz of business was heard on all sides.

If one of the players forgets to say "Buzz" at the proper time, he is out.

No, we will not write it, lest the flies read it and buzz it into the ears of men.

There was a shimmer as of every colour in the rainbow; and a buzz that could only come from a hive full.

They buzz and are troublesome while they are swarming; but the master will soon hive them.

She'd slap and slap, and not hit me, and I'd buzz and tickle.

They buzz around thee also with their praise: obtrusiveness, is their praise.

But perhaps flies don't know how to laugh, only just to buzz.

They buzz around its white arc-light, or tallow dip, like heedless moths bent on their own destruction.

What a buzz and clack and chatter there was in the room to be sure!

Word Origin & History of - Buzz

Word Origin & History of Buzz

Word Origin & History

buzz late 15c., echoic of bees and other insects. Aviation sense of "fly low and close" is 1941. Noun meaning "a busy rumor" is attested from c.1600; that of "humming sound" is from 1640s. Meaning "pleasant sense of intoxication" first recorded 1935. The game of counting off, with 7 or multiples of it replaced by buzz is attested from 1864. Buzz off (1914) originally meant "to ring off on the telephone."

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