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Synonym of Bug (noun)

microbe virus disease infection germ bacillus

Example of Bug

Example in a Sentences of Bug

Example Sentences for bug

The "bug" called the Naval Observatory once more and began repeating his entire message for the third time.

The Chinch bug begins its terrible ravages in the wheat fields.

I'd anticipated that, and was considering heading back for the bug suit when the second occurred.

He loaded a bug gun with this and sprayed the ground around the hole into the other world.

One struck Lloyd's ear, and she brushed it off impatiently, thinking it was a bug.

Before she could issue a questionnaire he was out in the bug.

Most members of the bug order can eject a disagreeable liquid, though few of them do it so successfully as the stink bug.

He had no starter on his bug; he had in his embarrassment to get out and crank.

There was a living lane between the men right up to where the bug collector stood.

Now he was clinging to the surface of the mountain of rock like a bug on the side of a cliff.

Word Origin & History of - Bug

Word Origin & History of Bug

Word Origin & History

bug "insect," 1620s (earliest reference is to bedbugs), probably from M.E. bugge "something frightening, scarecrow" (late 14c.), a meaning obsolete except in bugbear (1570s) and bugaboo (q.v.); probably connected with Scot. bogill "goblin, bugbear," or obsolete Welsh bwg "ghost, goblin" (cf. Welsh bwgwl "threat," earlier "fear"). Cf. also bogey (1) and Ger. bögge, böggel-mann "goblin." Perhaps influenced in meaning by O.E. -budda used in compounds for "beetle" (cf. Low Ger. budde "louse, grub," M.L.G. buddech "thick, swollen"). Meaning "defect in a machine" (1889) may have been coined ...c.1878 by Thomas Edison (perhaps with the notion of an insect getting into the works). Meaning "person obsessed by an idea" (e.g. firebug) is from 1841. Sense of "microbe, germ" is from 1919. Bugs "crazy" is from c.1900.

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