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Top ten synonyms Broadcast. What are 5 "Broadcast synonyms"? What is a better word for Broadcast? What's another word for Broadcast? How can I replace the word Broadcast? What is the Definition of Broadcast.

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Synonym of Broadcast (verb)

announcement publication show transmission program advertisement performance telecast simulcast newscast air time radiocast

Example of Broadcast

Example in a Sentences of Broadcast

Example Sentences for broadcast

For providing young Carrots throughout the winter it is also an excellent plan to broadcast seed thinly.

They steadied and sharpened, and the broadcast tape began to roll.

If you are going to broadcast anything like that, give us something up to date.

Then they tell us how to make a transmitter to broadcast ahead to them.

I bet you that every machine we make to broadcast breaks down!

Bors nodded automatically and resumed listening to the broadcast.

He was a much younger person than what was broadcast on description on the radio.

A moment later the red bulb blinked out and the broadcast was ended.

On the other hand, art is sown, like the use of tobacco, broadcast among the people.

Either that, or our rationales were torn free and only our emotions are broadcast.

Word Origin & History of - Broadcast

Word Origin & History of Broadcast

Word Origin & History

broadcast 1767, adj., in reference to the spreading of seed, from broad + cast (v.). Figurative use is recorded from 1785. Modern media use began with radio (1922, adj. and noun). As a verb, recorded from 1813 in an agricultural sense, 1829 in a figurative sense, 1921 in reference to radio. Broadcasting is recorded from 1922.

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