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Top ten synonyms Bravado. What are 5 "Bravado synonyms"? What is a better word for Bravado? What's another word for Bravado? How can I replace the word Bravado? What is the Definition of Bravado.

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Synonym of Bravado (noun)

bluster grandiosity blowing boasting swelling gasconade guts bullying pretension bombast braggadocio bluff railing pomposity rant talk hot air raging fanfaronade tall talk bragging crowing fancy talk fuming selfglorification storming swaggering

Example of Bravado

Example in a Sentences of Bravado

Example Sentences for bravado

I used that bravado stunt, and though its all right nowyet it made him a lot of bother.

This sight, instead of discouraging Frank, made him assume an air of bravado.

He was afraid of this strange young man who seemed so daring and yet had an effect of bravado rather than guilt.

His voice had lost its bravado, and had taken on a fawning note.

Men will carry off curiosity with various kinds of laughter and bravado, just as they will carry off drunkenness or bankruptcy.

Others have done it since then from bravado and a desire for notoriety.

There was no hint of bravado in his speech; it was but the expression of a man of intrepid courage and iron will.

"Well, at least you have mine," she said, with an air of bravado.

Who was he and what was the motive of this apparently foolhardy and purposeless piece of bravado?

There was no trace of swagger or bravado when Tom faced his inquisitor.

Word Origin & History of - Bravado

Word Origin & History of Bravado

Word Origin & History

bravado 1580s, from Fr. bravade "bragging, boasting," from It. bravata "bragging, boasting" (16c.), from bravare "brag, boast, be defiant," from bravo (see brave). Influenced in form by Sp. words ending in -ado.

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