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Bonanza Definition Bonanza Meaning in Bengali

"Bonanza Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Bonanza. What are 5 "Bonanza synonyms"? What is a better word for Bonanza? What's another word for Bonanza? How can I replace the word Bonanza? What is the Definition of Bonanza.

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Synonym of Bonanza (noun)

cash cow gold mine treasure trove

Example of Bonanza

Example in a Sentences of Bonanza

Example Sentences for bonanza

After spending the wealth acquired from the bonanza of Tasco, he started off in search of new adventures and a new fortune.

Staked twenty-two on Bonanza and sold out yesterday to the Syndicate.

Pentfield went back to his Bonanza mine, which was many times more dreary than before, and faced resolutely into the long winter.

Why, man, the old mine must have been a bonanza, if it all panned out stuff like this!

The first stream which flows into the river from the southward is the Bonanza, some twenty-five miles long.

That ain't any bonanza country any more; 1901 ain't like 1870; don't figure on that.

Yet that bonanza coup of the bullion train had happened two years ago.

When they reached Bonanza the sun was low, and when they were off San Lucar it had begun to sink.

Off Bonanza the vessels anchored for the night; for the pilots would not take the risk of running in the darkness.

Then, at last, as if in despair, I mentioned this bit on Bonanza.

Word Origin & History of - Bonanza

Word Origin & History of Bonanza

Word Origin & History

bonanza 1844, Amer.Eng., from Sp. bonanza "a rich lode," originally "fair weather at sea, prosperity," from V.L. *bonacia, from L. bonus "good" (see bene-).

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