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Top ten synonyms Bombast. What are 5 "Bombast synonyms"? What is a better word for Bombast? What's another word for Bombast? How can I replace the word Bombast? What is the Definition of Bombast.

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Synonym of Bombast (noun)

grandiosity grandiloquence rhetoric rodomontade exaggeration magniloquence bluster gasconade rage rant stuff pad braggadocio pomposity balderdash fustian turgidity rave cotton padded stuffed tumidity rhapsody altiloquence bombastry tympany

Example of Bombast

Example in a Sentences of Bombast

Example Sentences for bombast

No one can for a moment doubt that her feelings are real, but neither can the turgidity and bombast of her language be denied.

Its boyishness and immaturity, its stiffness and bombast, are perceptible on every page.

The preposterous Ferdinand, shorn of his bombast, is only a chicken-hearted assassin.

And never was I more frightened than when uttering that bombast.

It is the difference between reality and sham, bravery and bombast.

It was all talk—all wind—all fustian—all bombast—all theory.

There is a style of bombast morality affected by some authors, which must be hurtful to young readers.

We have no longer the bombast and unreality of the revolutionary epic.

He tried to cover his errors by brags and bombast, which became ridiculous, and which are yet not without significance.

It's figurativ' and poetic, but it's within the line that divides taste from bombast.

Word Origin & History of - Bombast

Word Origin & History of Bombast

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