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Top ten synonyms Blunt. What are 5 "Blunt synonyms"? What is a better word for Blunt? What's another word for Blunt? How can I replace the word Blunt? What is the Definition of Blunt.

Synonym of Blunt (verb)

dulled rounded dull round insensitive obtuse pointless edgeless unsharpened

Example of Blunt

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Example Sentences for blunt

But was Tom Blake, for all his blunt kindliness, capable of such tact?

His head was blunt, and he seemed to have no neck at all, though of course he did have one.

It is square in front, and, bulging out far to each side, tapers to a blunt point behind.

I am not in the mood for fencing with blunt witticisms just now.

Herron's men were hard pressed, but grimly they held to their position, awaiting the arrival of Blunt.

Barton, with his arm in a sling, corroborated the lie with blunt cheerfulness.

Some of his arrows were pointed with ivory, some with iron, and some had no points at all, but blunt heavy heads instead.

The long wings were blunt at the tips, the tail was short and broad.

Mr. Winsley was a little, thickset man, with a civil but blunt electioneering manner.

She was smiling, but he had himself in hand again and he was blunt with her.

Word Origin & History of - Blunt

Word Origin & History of Blunt

Word Origin & History

bluntc.1200, "dull, obtuse," perhaps from O.N. blundra (see blunder). Meaning "abrupt of speech or manner" is from 1580s. Blunt, street slang for "marijuana and tobacco cigar" (easier to pass around, easier to disguise, and the stimulant in the tobacco enhances the high from the pot) surfaced c.1993, but is said to have originated among Jamaicans in New York City in the early 1980s; from Phillies Blunt brand cigars."Users say that the Phillies Blunt brand produces less harsh-tasting or sweeter smoke. The leaf wrapper of a Phillies Blunt is strong enough to hold together through the manipulations ...of making a blunt. Other brands fall apart." []

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