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Top ten synonyms Birr. What are 5 "Birr synonyms"? What is a better word for Birr? What's another word for Birr? How can I replace the word Birr? What is the Definition of Birr.

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Synonym of Birr (noun)

sprint rush run zip sortie dart onset haste bolt spurt

Example of Birr

Example in a Sentences of Birr

Example Sentences for birr

Grey spent three days in reducing the lands of Birr and Modreeny, the latter of which had to be taken by assault.

His great reflector, built in his own grounds at Birr Castle, Ireland, was finished in 1844.

The hawk terrified out of its wits, flew off with a birr, leaving Poll to proceed homewards at pleasure.

A quick run of nine miles brings us to the quaint old city of Birr, just as the night closes in.

Once he heard the birr of his father's voice in the lobby and his mother speaking in shrill protest, and then—oh, horror!

Birr is the very centre of Ireland, and probably takes airs to herself in consequence.

St. Brendan of Birr, is to be carefully distinguished from his more celebrated namesake of Clonfert.

He never spoke to those he despised or disliked without "the birr."

The birr of the war drum saluted Sholto's ears ere he had turned the corner of the town parks.

An abbey was founded at Birr by St Brendan (d. 573), to whom the present parish church is dedicated.

Word Origin & History of - Birr

Word Origin & History of Birr

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