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Betray Definition Betray Meaning in Bengali

"Betray Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Betray. What are 5 "Betray synonyms"? What is a better word for Betray? What's another word for Betray? How can I replace the word Betray? What is the meaning of Betray in English?

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Synonym of Betray (verb)

abandon mislead forsake deceive seduce jilt cross trick finger bluff desert knife delude blow the whistle break faith break with double-cross let down sell out stab in the back take in turn in walk out on be unfaithful bite the hand that feeds you break promise break trust commit treason deliver up go back on inform against inform on play Judas play false sell down the river turn informer turn state's evidence

Example of Betray

Example in a Sentences of Betray

Example Sentences for betray

You have us in your power, and you can betray us to the Danites, if you choose.

Then he unlatched the window and left it, hoping that it would not blow open and betray him.

Looking eagerly into a book did not betray one who could not read.

"She can hardly be the same," said Paul, not wishing to betray the lady.

It rather took my breath away, but I tried not to betray the fact.

I knew that no human power and no fear could ever make him betray us.

Any member who shall reveal or betray the secrets of this Order shall suffer the supreme penalty.

They had come to betray the Cæsar and to place the destinies of Rome in her hands.

Since no one else showed much concern, an elderly person without other cares had no need to betray alarm.

Diana did not speak, or betray by any movement that she was awake.

Word Origin & History of - Betray

Word Origin & History of Betray

Word Origin & History

betray late 13c., bitrayen "mislead, deceive, betray," from M.E. be- + O.Fr. traine "betrayal, deception, deceit," from trair (Mod.Fr. trahir) "betray, deceive," from L. tradere "hand over," from trans- "across" + dare "to give" (see date (1)).

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