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Top ten synonyms Bestow. What are 5 "Bestow synonyms"? What is a better word for Bestow? What's another word for Bestow? How can I replace the word Bestow? What is the Definition of Bestow.

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Synonym of Bestow (verb)

grant confer hand out lavish bequeath entrust donate accord apportion gift offer devote award favor impart commit present come through give away kick in put out honor with render to

Example of Bestow

Example in a Sentences of Bestow

Example Sentences for bestow

To qualify themselves for this they bestow their time, their money and their labor.

What war could ravish, commerce could bestow, And he returned a friend, who came a foe.

I had a hobby-horse, which I rode constantly to fairy-land in quest of treasure to bestow upon my friends.

And humbly accept such countenance as they choose to bestow?

He had all that mere possessions could bestow, but always with a sense that Debrett, round the corner, was keeping an eye on him.

A necessity is laid on us all, it is thought, to bestow the affections in marriage.

Whereas, though I believe so confidently myself, I find no way in which to bestow the same good upon you.

"We shall give you all that we have to bestow," replied one of the monks.

Can fortune, can industry, can desert itself, bestow on us anything we have not here?

Why does he not bestow the same praise upon the other patriarchs?

Word Origin & History of - Bestow

Word Origin & History of Bestow

Word Origin & History

bestow early 14c., bistowen "give" (as alms, etc.), from be- + stowen "to place" (see stow).

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