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Top ten synonyms Belittle. What are 5 "Belittle synonyms"? What is a better word for Belittle? What's another word for Belittle? How can I replace the word Belittle? What is the Definition of Belittle.

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Synonym of Belittle (verb)

criticize decry squelch discredit deride scorn downplay disparage underestimate blister derogate lower deprecate knock minimize smear undervalue squash rip discount slam pan roast downgrade diminish scorch depreciate underrate bad-mouth put down run down sour grapes take down tear down write off cut down to size cut to the quick dispraise dump on pooh pooh poor mouth scoff at shoot down shoot full of holes sneer at take a swipe at take down a peg

Example of Belittle

Example in a Sentences of Belittle

Example Sentences for belittle

How do we belittle the works of our Fathers when we talk as though they wrought for their contemporaries only!

He does not belittle the complaints of the South, but pleads for mutual forbearance.

Anyway, he died for his country and let no one belittle his memory.

Now, far be it from us to belittle the splendor of this scientific vision.

Nevertheless, these misstatements of Greaves were used by critics all over the world to belittle Whistler.

Why, words would only belittle this part of our “performance.”

In order to adjust matters there is a tendency in some quarters to belittle the work of the great Josiah.

In seeming to belittle him I have taken an ungrateful piece of work in hand.

They belittle their own and the achievements of their friends, so long as that friend faces them.

The Americans did not belittle the strength of the military works.

Word Origin & History of - Belittle

Word Origin & History of Belittle

Word Origin & History

belittle 1781, "to make small," from be- + little; first recorded in writings of Thomas Jefferson (and probably coined by him), who was roundly execrated for it in England:"Belittle! What an expression! It may be an elegant one in Virginia, and even perfectly intelligible; but for our part, all we can do is to guess at its meaning. For shame, Mr. Jefferson!" ["European Magazine and London Review," 1787, reporting on "Notes on the State of Virginia"; to guess was considered another barbarous Yankeeism.]The figurative sense of "depreciate, scorn as worthless" (as the reviewers did to this word) is ...from 1797.

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