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Beastly Definition Beastly Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Beastly. What are 5 "Beastly synonyms"? What is a better word for Beastly? What's another word for Beastly? How can I replace the word Beastly? What is the Definition of Beastly.

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Synonym of Beastly (noun)

abominable animal barbarous base bestial boorish brutal brute carnal coarse cruel degraded depraved disgusting feral foul gluttonous gross inhuman irrational loathsome low monstrous obscene prurient repulsive sadistic unclean vile piggish brutish ferine swinish

Example of Beastly

Example in a Sentences of Beastly

Example Sentences for beastly

I may have said policeman––I may have said anything in such a beastly situation.

"Bury all these men," said Hamilton, and spent a beastly night in the forest.

But it's all the beastly blood and muck of the war that does it,—sends one back with a rush to things like that.

You're a low, beastly bounder, an' I'm simply disgusted with you.

I was wet through and beastly cold, so said I'd have a cup of coffee.

And I don't want her to hear of this beastly business from Isabel.

"It's beastly chilly in here," observed Sir Arthur, with a shiver.

Tell the beastly savage that he can keep his wretched birds.

Michael thought that was beastly of them and he hoped it wasn't true.

But it was so beastly hot—and there was a lot of extra work at the office.

Word Origin & History of - Beastly

Word Origin & History of Beastly

Word Origin & History

beastly c.1400, "in the manner of a beast" (see beast). Meaning "brutish, offensive" is from 1560s (beastly drunk is from 1803); weakened in British upper crust use to "awfully, exceedingly" by mid-19c.

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