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Top ten synonyms Bauble. What are 5 "Bauble synonyms"? What is a better word for Bauble? What's another word for Bauble? How can I replace the word Bauble? What is the Definition of Bauble.

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Synonym of Bauble (noun)

knickknack trifle doodad novelty gewgaw gimcrack curio whatnot

Example of Bauble

Example in a Sentences of Bauble

Example Sentences for bauble

Makes the temporary incumbent of the bauble nervous, makes him jealous.

I keep a box in my pocket merely as a bauble—it was a present.

She had a much better part in "The Bauble Shop," which followed the next year.

She threw the bauble on the floor; it lay there crushed and shapeless.

He had toyed with it as with a bauble, and was ready to throw it away.

It was thus I now toyed there with my fate in my hands, as might a child have toyed with a bauble.

Fetch the cap and bauble, said the sovereign, and let the King of Fools have his coronation.

So you had better produce the other bauble you stole at the same time.

The conductor's eye in fine frenzy rolling, says as clearly as fine frenzied rolling eye can say anything, "Remove that bauble!"

Actually, he knew he could get an easy twenty-five balata for the bauble in Karth.

Word Origin & History of - Bauble

Word Origin & History of Bauble

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