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Top ten synonyms Backslider. What are 5 "Backslider synonyms"? What is a better word for Backslider? What's another word for Backslider? How can I replace the word Backslider? What is the Definition of Backslider.

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Synonym of Backslider (noun)

heretic renegade deserter turncoat nonconformist defector rat recreant dissenter

Example of Backslider

Example in a Sentences of Backslider

Example Sentences for backslider

Yes, he's my dog if he is a backslider, and that settles it.

But he was leaning on a broken reed, for Beta was himself a backslider.

A backslider is one who has been climbing up a hill and suddenly begins to slip back.

Why, Zeke Bassett and the rest have been finding fault with her and calling her a backslider.

Could his pupil have become a backslider in the last two years?

He set his teeth together and cursed himself for a fool and a backslider.

I will arise'—ay, easy to say; it's a hard and bitter thing for a backslider to retrace his steps.

Consider, that there is none that so much dishonoureth God as a backslider.

And, having been a backslider, he is cursed with a half-frenzied humor.

No backslider after gross sin may be readmitted till after three months.

Word Origin & History of - Backslider

Word Origin & History of Backslider

Word Origin & History

backslide in the religious sense, 1580s, from back (adj.) + slide.

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