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Avowal Definition Avowal Meaning in Bengali

"Avowal Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Avowal. What are 5 "Avowal synonyms"? What is a better word for Avowal? What's another word for Avowal? How can I replace the word Avowal? What is the Definition of Avowal.

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Synonym of Avowal (noun)

announcement declaration proclamation admission confession assertion affirmation testimony oath

Example of Avowal

Example in a Sentences of Avowal

Example Sentences for avowal

He could not find words with which to make his avowal or to present his appeal.

Mr. Grey was struck with the simplicity and fulness of the avowal.

The old man's avowal of loyalty was taken for what it was worth.

The queen-mother could not have been surprised at this avowal.

But, though the heartiness of this avowal was grateful to him, he could not repress his surprise at it.

I know that this avowal is abrupt to you, but it is not to me.

She made no answer, but it was easy to perceive that my avowal had not displeased her.

She had hoped to hear an avowal of love from Mrs. Quirk's guest.

Had Geoffrey come to claim her on the strength of her own avowal?

Was she not instructed to seize the moment to force him into an avowal which prudence must repent?

Word Origin & History of - Avowal

Word Origin & History of Avowal

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