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Top ten synonyms Aversion. What are 5 "Aversion synonyms"? What is a better word for Aversion? What's another word for Aversion? How can I replace the word Aversion? What is the Definition of Aversion.

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Synonym of Aversion (noun)

distaste allergy unwillingness hostility antagonism reluctance dissatisfaction antipathy animosity loathing revulsion odium abhorrence repugnance horror abomination disinclination displeasure indisposition repulsion dread disgust detestation disfavor hatred hate disliking having no use for

Example of Aversion

Example in a Sentences of Aversion

Example Sentences for aversion

Brulon declared, that the difficulty did not proceed from any aversion to Grotius, whom the King highly esteemed.

Elsmere's irrationality was an aversion to doctors, from the point of view of his own ailments.

He had been so long detained in America chiefly in consequence of Wieland's aversion to the scheme which he proposed.

Disgust and aversion cannot produce them, nor are they the growth of indifference.

That this reaction of aversion is genuine is not contradicted by the fact that we catch Erasmus himself in untruths.

"Especially considering your aversion to our society," put in Helen.

For his malice is not a more terrible consequence of his aversion than his jealousy is of his love.

Those sentiments were unconquerable, and his aversion irremediable.

The cough, the appetite, the sneezing, the aversion—what have all these to do with mind or thought?

He sighed as he remembered her aversion to any attempted acts of kindness on his part.

Word Origin & History of - Aversion

Word Origin & History of Aversion

Word Origin & History

aversion 1650s, "mental attitude of repugnance," from L. aversionem (nom. aversio), noun of action from aversus "turned away, backwards, behind, hostile," pp. of avertere (see avert). Earlier in the lit. sense of "a turning away from" (1590s). Aversion therapy in psychology is from 1950.

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