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Top ten synonyms Attribute. What are 5 "Attribute synonyms"? What is a better word for Attribute? What's another word for Attribute? How can I replace the word Attribute? What is the Definition of Attribute.

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Synonym of Attribute (verb)

peculiarity idiosyncrasy quirk trait facet virtue aspect characteristic quality point symbol character mark note indication property particularity sign speciality

Example of Attribute

Example in a Sentences of Attribute

Example Sentences for attribute

That we must attribute to cats the estimable virtue of benevolence, Mrs F— gives me two anecdotes to prove.

The Japanese get their customs in the same way and attribute to them the same authority.

Perhaps a slight visionariness of speculation was no less the attribute of Mrs. Mill than an absence of rigid logical principles.

Can I attribute my entranced interest on that occasion to her brilliance?

Naturally the East is inclined to conservative pessimism—an attribute of advancing years—and the West to impulsive optimism.

But why not attribute its popularity to the fact that the music bears out the title?

Paula's juxtaposition had the attribute of making him forget everything in his own history.

As a man of science, I attribute the whole thing to an overwrought imagination.

He is enclosed on all sides by a ring of precepts, which attribute luck or ill-luck to certain things or actions.

If I asked it not, attribute it to my poor head; it would be a great consolation to me.

Word Origin & History of - Attribute

Word Origin & History of Attribute

Word Origin & History

attribute late 14c., "assign, bestow," from L. attributus, pp. of attribuere "assign to, add, bestow," from ad- "to" + tribuere "assign, give, bestow." Pp. adj. attributed is recorded from 1808.

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