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Top ten synonyms Associate. What are 5 "Associate synonyms"? What is a better word for Associate? What's another word for Associate? How can I replace the word Associate? What is the Definition of Associate.

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Synonym of Associate (Noun/verb)

crony cohort comrade buddy assistant accomplice fellow friend collaborator partner companion ally compatriot sidekick auxiliary helper consort chum accessory offshoot mate affiliate branch confederate peer aid pal co-worker cooperator playmate joiner clubber kissing cousin one of the folks pard

Example of Associate

Example in a Sentences of Associate

Example Sentences for associate

He likes us to be self-contained, and says that there is no one about here that he would care to have us associate with.

Is it safe for us to associate with those people from the Emerald City?

At the sight of his associate's fate Max is stricken with remorse, and tells the story of his unholy compact.

Captain Candage eyed his associate with rather quizzical expression.

This large family, so it appeared to Stephen Petter, was composed of the kind of fellow-beings with whom he wished to associate.

Fate had given Mayo and his associate an ideal crew for that parlous job.

It was difficult to associate Beth with the idea of prudery or affectation.

Disgusted at the failure of his associate, he pushed off from the point.

If that is the kind of thing, I hope you will not associate yourself with it, Lucilla.

He has striven, in all ways, to associate her with his present high fortune.

Word Origin & History of - Associate

Word Origin & History of Associate

Word Origin & History

associate late 14c., from L. associatus pp. of associare "join with," from ad- "to" + sociare "unite with," from socius "companion." The noun is first recorded 1530s, from associate (adj.).

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