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Assemblage Definition Assemblage Meaning in Bengali

"Assemblage Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Assemblage. What are 5 "Assemblage synonyms"? What is a better word for Assemblage? What's another word for Assemblage? How can I replace the word Assemblage? What is the Definition of Assemblage.

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Synonym of Assemblage (noun)

throng assembly crowd company aggregation collection congregation convergence group association

Example of Assemblage

Example in a Sentences of Assemblage

Example Sentences for assemblage

Passing by the common and its assemblage of Whigs, he "spoke somewhat contemptuously of them."

It was the first time I had seen so odd an assemblage of beasts and humanity.

Philostorgius affirms, that the inscription was formed by an assemblage of stars; Arthemius says that the letters were golden.

A concourse is an assemblage of people who have come (or run) together.

Seating myself in one of its cane-bottomed seats, I glanced around on the assemblage.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mowbray and Dr. Small had joined the assemblage.

According to custom Garland, clerk of the last House, called the assemblage to order and began the roll-call.

Navigators have agreed in calling an assemblage of such encampments a rookery.

The proof relative to the character of an assemblage must be the same whether a man be present or absent.

When dollars are not counted the assemblage of books becomes promiscuous.

Word Origin & History of - Assemblage

Word Origin & History of Assemblage

Word Origin & History

assemblage c.1704, from Fr. assemblage "gathering, assemblage," from assembler (see assemble).

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