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Assault Definition Assault Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Assault. What are 5 "Assault synonyms"? What is a better word for Assault? What's another word for Assault? How can I replace the word Assault? What is the Definition of Assault.

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Synonym of Assault (noun/verb)

violation onslaught offensive charge rape strike invasion incursion aggression onset advance storm storming

Example of Assault

Example in a Sentences of Assault

Example Sentences for assault

Or, since now I was armed, why could I not boldly start an assault?

In the face of such an assault the man could not descend in safety.

"To the assault," she cried, and signed to them to throw hurdles into the trenches.

Then Durtal shook himself, and would repulse the assault of these memories.

By degrees the liking increased, and grew sufficiently strong to resist every assault from his enemies.

His companions held their muskets in readiness to repel any assault.

The Mullah exhorted them all to the greatest efforts, and declared that he would himself lead the assault.

"Such an assault will be a useless massacre," resumed Dujardin.

It cost her all her strength to stand up erect before them, and put off their assault.

It will be a serious matter to assault this captain in cold blood.

Word Origin & History of - Assault

Word Origin & History of Assault

Word Origin & History

assault c.1300, from O.Fr. asaut (12c., Mod.Fr. assaut), from V.L. *adsaltus "attack, assault," from ad "to" + L. saltus "a leap," from salire "to leap, spring" (see assail). The verb is from c.1450.

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