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Top ten synonyms Ascribe. What are 5 "Ascribe synonyms"? What is a better word for Ascribe? What's another word for Ascribe? How can I replace the word Ascribe? What is the Definition of Ascribe.

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Synonym of Ascribe (verb)

attribute impute reference credit charge lay accredit refer hang on pin on set down

Example of Ascribe

Example in a Sentences of Ascribe

Example Sentences for ascribe

There are some, on the other hand, who ascribe to the story a deep spiritual meaning.

Our sufficiency is of God, not of ourselves, and to Him we ascribe all honor and glory.

If I am still unable to follow the impulse of my heart, I hope you will ascribe it to the state of my eyes.

Why, for instance, does he take the trouble to ascribe motives to me that I never dreamed of?

So might it be possible to ascribe to particular months the tokens with which the obliging sea bestrews the beaches.

Are you going to ascribe to him such devilish cunning as that?

Shall we ascribe them to the wise, sagacious, and patriotic men, who guided our councils and led our armies?

The tendency abroad is to ascribe more rather than less to adultery.

We cannot ascribe the latter to every one, as we can the former.

To ascribe them specially to God would seem to us far-fetched.

Word Origin & History of - Ascribe

Word Origin & History of Ascribe

Word Origin & History

ascribe mid-14c., ascrive, from O.Fr. ascrivre "to attribute, inscribe," from L. ascribere "to write in, to add to in a writing," from ad- "to" + scribere "to write" (see script). Spelling restored 16c.

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