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Archetype Definition Archetype Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Archetype. What are 5 "Archetype synonyms"? What is a better word for Archetype? What's another word for Archetype? How can I replace the word Archetype? What is the Definition of Archetype.

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Synonym of Archetype (noun)

paradigm form pattern standard ideal model prototype original classic exemplar perfect specimen prime example

Example of Archetype

Example in a Sentences of Archetype

Example Sentences for archetype

He had not, however, rid himself of the notion that the archetype was a property inherent in the group.

One program is the archetype for all the word processing that ever existed.

Each modern vanity here has its parallel--each luxury its archetype.

With them we think of the artificial as the archetype; the earth-born as the erratic exception.

Thus, the same individual man will have not only the Self-animal and the Self-biped, but also the Self-man, as archetype.

In what relation does the archetype stand to the Creator himself?

For they give us a fresh glimpse of the archetype of their forms.

It is the archetype and therefore all inclusive and omnipotential.

That which we have is the archetype of a terrible and quite unapproachable sublimity.

Of all blind stultified "royal sluggards" she is the archetype.

Word Origin & History of - Archetype

Word Origin & History of Archetype

Word Origin & History

archetype "original pattern from which copies are made," 1540s, from L. archetypum, from Gk. arkhetypon "pattern, model," neut. of adj. arkhetypos "first-moulded," from arkhe- "first" (see archon) + typos "model, type, blow, mark of a blow." Jungian psychology sense of "pervasive idea or image from the collective unconscious" is from 1919.

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