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Top ten synonyms Arbitrary. What are 5 "Arbitrary synonyms"? What is a better word for Arbitrary? What's another word for Arbitrary? How can I replace the word Arbitrary? What is the Definition of Arbitrary.

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Synonym of Arbitrary (noun)

irrational irresponsible random unreasonable erratic subjective capricious inconsistent willful discretionary frivolous approximate fanciful injudicious offhand optional supercilious superficial unaccountable unscientific wayward

Example of Arbitrary

Example in a Sentences of Arbitrary

Example Sentences for arbitrary

Up and down are arbitrary or relative terms after all, in the universe.

It must be recognized that what is proposed is an arbitrary action on the mores.

Arbitrary and merely personal judgments I have, however, endeavoured to avoid.

But, if he did so, he did so in the exercise of an arbitrary discretion.

Each is absolutely without any arbitrary influence, any influence not natural or sympathetic or co-operative, upon the other.

Under the French government the rule was arbitrary and oppressive.

The arbitrary and excessive taxes were collected only at the point of the bayonet.

It was more than compensated for by conscription and arbitrary imprisonments.

“Well, you would be so arbitrary with them, and I told you not,” said Banks.

Rameses appears to have had most of the evil traits of the arbitrary despot.

Word Origin & History of - Arbitrary

Word Origin & History of Arbitrary

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