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Appreciate Definition Appreciate Meaning in Bengali

"Appreciate Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Appreciate. What are 5 "Appreciate synonyms"? What is a better word for Appreciate? What's another word for Appreciate? How can I replace the word Appreciate? What is the Definition of Appreciate.

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Synonym of Appreciate (noun)

enjoy welcome acknowledge be appreciative be indebted be obliged flip over freak out on get high on give thanks groove on

Example of Appreciate

Example in a Sentences of Appreciate

Example Sentences for appreciate

I appreciate your sympathy, but what I need is action and information and answers.

They do not, therefore, care about 638history or appreciate it.

Unused are not likely to depreciate, and they may appreciate.

I was a girl then, and I did not appreciate all the love that was lavished upon me.

We have failed to appreciate that the Indian, in being driven from his lands, has retaliated from motives of patriotism.

But it broadened; there are Principals, here and there, who can appreciate a William.

The unstableness, the constant transition, had an effect upon him which he did not appreciate.

You can understand the necessity, and appreciate the importance of reform.

They will appreciate faithful service, and will themselves respond to its influence.

They have not learned by contact, as I have in Mizora, how to appreciate it.

Word Origin & History of - Appreciate

Word Origin & History of Appreciate

Word Origin & History

appreciate 1650s, "to esteem or value highly," from L.L. appretiatus pp. of appretiare "to set a price to" (see appraise). Meaning "to rise in value" (intr.) first recorded 1789. Related: Appreciable (1818).

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