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Top ten synonyms Apply. What are 5 "Apply synonyms"? What is a better word for Apply? What's another word for Apply? How can I replace the word Apply? What is the Definition of Apply.

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Synonym of Apply (verb)

employ handle practice administer implement exercise execute engage utilize exploit assign bring into play bring to bear

Example of Apply

Example in a Sentences of Apply

Example Sentences for apply

You may be almost the first girl to apply, or you may be among the latest, but not the too latest.

But Dryden never desired to apply all the judgment that he 323had.

This does not apply so much to designs for beds as it does to the colors we make use of in them.

The monkey was the first one to step forward and apply for the position.

This same rule should be made to apply to those holding office.

As Savigny said, "Succession does not apply to possession by itself."

He had never applied for pension and never expected to apply.

Let us apply this truth to the solar system, and see what we get.

However, it seems to me that I have found a solution which I can apply in my individual case.

Let us apply this fact to the solar system and see how it works.

Word Origin & History of - Apply

Word Origin & History of Apply

Word Origin & History

apply late 14c., from O.Fr. aplier (Mod.Fr. appliquer), from L. applicare "to attach to, to devote oneself to," from ad- "to" + plicare "fold" see ply (v.)). The etymological sense is "to bring things in contact with one another."

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