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Apostate Definition Apostate Meaning in Bengali

"Apostate Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Apostate. What are 5 "Apostate synonyms"? What is a better word for Apostate? What's another word for Apostate? How can I replace the word Apostate? What is the Definition of Apostate.

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Synonym of Apostate (noun)

heretic renegade deserter turncoat nonconformist defector rat recreant dissenter backslider

Example of Apostate

Example in a Sentences of Apostate

Example Sentences for apostate

Give a brief description of Julian the Apostate; tell why he was so called.

An apostate from the condition of a pravajita or religious mendicant.

Damasus restored all the catacombs, after they had been damaged during the persecution under Julian the Apostate.

The Gods have suspended their thunder over the head of the apostate.

There was an apostate at Wothorpe in 1296 and two years later a nun of Harrold was found guilty of unchastity.

You ask, why do these men remain in a Church which they see to be apostate?

Julian, the apostate, distorts Paul's censure of Peter, 172.

To such depths of servility and degradation do apostate nations fall.

That was truly a terrible sacrament by which they admitted the apostate into their communion.

In fact, he is worse than an infidel; he is an apostate Christian, or an apostate from the faith.

Word Origin & History of - Apostate

Word Origin & History of Apostate

Word Origin & History

apostate mid-14c., "one who forsakes his religion or faith," from L.L. apostata, from Gk. apostasia "defection, desertion, rebellion," from apostenai "to defect," lit. "to stand off," from apo- "away from" (see apo-) + stenai "to stand." Used in non-religious situations (politics, etc.) from mid-14c.

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