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Announcer Definition Announcer Meaning in Bengali

"Announcer Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Announcer. What are 5 "Announcer synonyms"? What is a better word for Announcer? What's another word for Announcer? How can I replace the word Announcer? What is the Definition of Announcer.

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Synonym of Announcer (noun)

disc jockey reporter newscaster talker broadcaster anchorperson communicator DJ telecaster vj deejay leader of ceremonies rip and reader spieler veejay

Example of Announcer

Example in a Sentences of Announcer

Example Sentences for announcer

As the witches turned and began dancing towards it, the deep voice of the announcer spoke over the muted jingle.

He was just pouring his first glass when the announcer chimed.

While the tableau is performed, the poem may be read by the announcer.

They had hardly got settled when they heard the resonant tones of the announcer.

"Casualties from yesterday's disastrous earthquake now total thirty-one injured," the announcer reported.

"You all know this young lady," the announcer's voice went on.

Craig snapped the announcer, and a letter appeared on the screen.

"Come on, kid," the announcer was calling to him from the center of the ring.

"On my right—the Gallant kid," shouted the announcer, pausing for the laugh that came up from the crowd.

"The Gallant kid, he calls himself," shouted back the announcer.

Word Origin & History of - Announcer

Word Origin & History of Announcer

Word Origin & History

announcer 1640s, agent noun from announce (q.v.). Radio sense is recorded from 1922.

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