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Top ten synonyms Animation. What are 5 "Animation synonyms"? What is a better word for Animation? What's another word for Animation? How can I replace the word Animation? What is the Definition of Animation.

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Synonym of Animation (noun)

energy bounce vim dash gaiety zing brio buoyancy zap zip elation pep sparkle passion fervor enthusiasm vigor life sprightliness zest ardor vitality spirit oomph zeal verve ebullience excitement exhilaration action élan briskness esprit vivacity vibrancy dynamism high spirits

Example of Animation

Example in a Sentences of Animation

Example Sentences for animation

It was notably during the presidency of Felix Faure that Rambouillet again took on its animation of former times.

At last his look met hers, and the animation of it softened at once, grew gentle.

She talked with animation for about a quarter of an hour, then kissed the nervous sufferer, and went away.

He looked at her attentively, his handsome face aglow with animation.

But let thought be considered as some peculiar substance, which permeates, and is the cause of, the animation of living beings.

He contemplated Flavia, amused, and well pleased with her animation.

He spoke with an animation and earnestness that gave an exaggerated importance to every syllable he uttered.

Mrs. Farnshaw was all animation at once, her own troubles forgotten.

"He should have told you that," Bienville repeated, taking his seat once more, and speaking with some animation.

In the very charnel-house is the nursery of production and animation.

Word Origin & History of - Animation

Word Origin & History of Animation

Word Origin & History

animation 1590s, "action of imparting life," from L. animationem (nom. animatio), noun of action from animatus, pp. of animare (see animate). Meaning "vitality" is from 1610s. Cinematographic sense is from 1912.

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