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Anecdote Definition Anecdote Meaning in Bengali

"Anecdote Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Anecdote. What are 5 "Anecdote synonyms"? What is a better word for Anecdote? What's another word for Anecdote? How can I replace the word Anecdote? What is the meaning of Anecdote in English?

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Synonym of Anecdote (noun)

sketch episode short story narration reminiscence yarn tale tall tale narrative gag incident relation recital fairy tale fish story chestnut long and short of it old chestnut tall story

Example of Anecdote

Example in a Sentences of Anecdote

Example Sentences for anecdote

See his poem, Anecdote for Fathers, showing how the practice of lying may be taught.

Alluding to this anecdote, which Johnson had mentioned to me.

Of Hogg himself he said much that was amusing and instructive: one anecdote will not soon be forgotten.

From each of these visitors' memoranda I now extract an anecdote.

If you can make a mental picture of an anecdote, you will be apt to remember it with ease.

An anecdote often told of him aptly illustrates his habit of mind.

The anecdote referred to is called by Bernier 'an uncommonly good story'.

An anecdote is preserved in the family relating to the general's residence there.

The anecdote is more valuable; for it instances the ways and means of French insinuation.

My anecdote has brought me to the Yangtse, and it is on a river-boat that I write.

Word Origin & History of - Anecdote

Word Origin & History of Anecdote

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