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Top ten synonyms Amongst. What are 5 "Amongst synonyms"? What is a better word for Amongst? What's another word for Amongst? How can I replace the word Amongst? What is the Definition of Amongst.

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Synonym of Amongst (preposition)

between during mid over throughout in the midst of in the thick of surrounded by

Example of Amongst

Example in a Sentences of Amongst

Example Sentences for amongst

Excuse me for insinuating by this expression, that there may yet be amongst you some novices.

But there was one amongst them who could understand all that he saw.

The key lay on the table in the hall, amongst the visiting-cards.

On the other hand, amongst the Carmelites cleanliness is exacted.

From amongst these vegetables he selected the most simple—a cabbage, for instance.

So said the aged John to some amongst his hearers in these corrupt Asiatic cities.

Often these ferns seem to be all that can thrive in amongst the stones.

When he is living in rocky country, he makes it amongst the rocks.

Amongst the miscellaneous materials in this work, are some pieces of poetry, written in an elegant taste.

I had seen the identical troupe in London, and "All Right" was amongst them.

Word Origin & History of - Amongst

Word Origin & History of Amongst

Word Origin & History

amongst mid-13c., among + adverbial genitive + parasitic -t first attested 16c. (see amidst). It is well established in the south of England, but not much heard in the north. By similar evolutions, alongst also existed in M.E.

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