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Top ten synonyms Alert. What are 5 "Alert synonyms"? What is a better word for Alert? What's another word for Alert? How can I replace the word Alert? What is the Definition of Alert.

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Synonym of Alert (adjective/verb/noun)

watchful wise wary observant active bright perceptive wired vigilant sharp careful intelligent ready hip quick spirited cagey circumspect clever heedful on guard on the ball wide-awake with it jazzed all ears fast on the draw good hands heads up on the job on the lookout on the qui vive psyched up switched on on one's toes

Example of Alert

Example in a Sentences of Alert

Example Sentences for alert

Whoever has done literary work is likely to have discovered how constantly the literary mind must be on the alert.

He sprang, now right, now left, on the alert for his opening.

Mr. Glascock at once made a decided attempt to bolt; but the minister was on the alert, and was too quick for him.

He had been on the alert all the while, trying to catch what the governor and Sipiagin were saying.

The attempt, however, was discovered before the fire gained any hold, and merely put the authorities on the alert.

Tightly I strapped on my steel helmet, with gas mask tied at "alert."

Ever on the alert, he regarded himself as the legal protector of the orthodox faith.

Cattle are on the move at sunrise, and it behoves the cow-boy to be also on the alert.

It were nigh fourteen years ago that I was boatswain aboard the Alert frigate, as taut a craft as ever sailed.

William on the other side of the raft was armed with hook and line, and equally on the alert.

Word Origin & History of - Alert

Word Origin & History of Alert

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