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Top ten synonyms Aide. What are 5 "Aide synonyms"? What is a better word for Aide? What's another word for Aide? How can I replace the word Aide? What is the Definition of Aide.

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Synonym of Aide (noun)

assistant supporter deputy shop abettor stooge helper aide-de-camp coadjutor lieutenant second aid attendant adjutant girl Friday man Friday coadjutant troops

Example of Aide

Example in a Sentences of Aide

Example Sentences for aide

He turned toward his aide lazily and asked: "Suppose there had been two taxi-cabs instead of one that night?"

The tracks of two animals are also met with, as if they had run side by aide.'

An aide appeared in the doorway of the room in which were gathered McClellan and several of his generals.

My aide, young Hamilton, accompanied me, and Tom of course followed.

Exhibit No. 21 is a summary of the activities of Pat Hutton, who is an aide in the emergency room.

I called my aide aft and asked him whether he knew the craft.

Well, the boys, followed instructions and the hats went up, while the aide dashed over to the 8th and 22d with the news.

An aide arrived with an order to Hertford, and then he loosed his eager cavalry.

Jackson nodded to the aide who withdrew, then crossing to the fire, he seated himself upon a log.

“We ought to be in the City of Mexico in a day or two, sir,” resumed the aide.

Word Origin & History of - Aide

Word Origin & History of Aide

Word Origin & History

aide 1777, short for aide-de-camp (1660s), from Fr., lit. "camp assistant."

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