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Agreement Definition Agreement Meaning in Bengali

"Agreement Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Agreement. What are 5 "Agreement synonyms"? What is a better word for Agreement? What's another word for Agreement? How can I replace the word Agreement? What is the Definition of Agreement.

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Synonym of Agreement (noun)

reconciliation accord compliance mediation understanding compromise concession arrangement unison alliance concert concord accession sympathy adjustment arbitration suitableness union similarity bargaining compatibility affinity harmony correspondence affiliation amity congruity accommodation concordance accordance consistency conformity verifying assenting approving verification acceding acknowledging authorizing complying concurring endorsing granting ratifying

Example of Agreement

Example in a Sentences of Agreement

Example Sentences for agreement

The white man and he began to talk, and they seemed to come to some agreement.

In the ancient German law there was absolute freedom of divorce by agreement.

Indeed there is no substantial objection to terming any sort of government made by a constitution or agreement federal.

A true gentleman's agreement shouldn't be written, he concluded.

The agreement was made upon reasonable terms, and sufficient to accomplish my object.

Our agreement was for a month's trial, and the month is not ended.

This agreement in their views of life impelled Frederick to take a bolder course.

"The company is in agreement with you there, captain," Melin put in.

Sometimes he will endeavour to show that there is something defective in our agreement.

"Nothing alive," said a sergeant, a remark which was followed by a chorus of agreement.

Word Origin & History of - Agreement

Word Origin & History of Agreement

Word Origin & History

agreement c.1400, "mutual understanding" (among persons), also (of things) "mutual conformity," from O.Fr. agreement, noun of action from agreer "to please" (see agree).

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