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Top ten synonyms Agree. What are 5 "Agree synonyms"? What is a better word for Agree? What's another word for Agree? How can I replace the word Agree? What is the Definition of Agree.

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Synonym of Agree (verb)

set concur grant recognize acknowledge concede sign admit settle allow comply accede okay acquiesce consent subscribe engage permit check bury the hatchet cut a deal play ball yes be of the same mind buy into clinch the deal come to terms give blessing give carte blanche give green light give the go-ahead go along with make a deal pass on see eye to eye shake on side with take one up on

Example of Agree

Example in a Sentences of Agree

Example Sentences for agree

It is easy to say that we ought not to have got into this conflict, and to that I might agree.

A kingdom of the just then let it be: But first consider how those just agree.

But other astronomers do not agree with this classification.

I have directions in my pocket which agree with everything but your unkindness.

"I agree with every word you say, Herr Pastor," said Mrs. Hardy.

“The reason why Rowland and I agree so well,” interrupted the brother.

Read his three papers on Cowper over again, and you will agree with me.

It is just what I think; and I always fancied you did not agree with me.

You know, you agree to give me instruction in conversational French.

I see that Captain Rayburn has laid his course; how does it agree with yours, Captain?

Word Origin & History of - Agree

Word Origin & History of Agree

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