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Top ten synonyms Adopt. What are 5 "Adopt synonyms"? What is a better word for Adopt? What's another word for Adopt? How can I replace the word Adopt? What is the Definition of Adopt.

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Synonym of Adopt (verb)

use ratify take up support accept maintain embrace endorse follow approve select opt mimic tap seize assume affirm assent utilize borrow imitate appropriate affiliate adapt espouse take on go down the line go in for take over

Example of Adopt

Example in a Sentences of Adopt

Example Sentences for adopt

She said—she said you was the only man under the sun who had gone so far as to adopt a step-father-in-law.

In time they adopt codes, standards, preferred types, and fashions.

It may not be possible to adopt Mr. Seth Lows suggestion, but the idea is well worth consideration.

Owen tried to get Congress to adopt his plans for social regeneration.

In his opening speech he declared his resolution to adopt the maxims of the illustrious Hale.

That power source of his appears to be quite practical, and we'll adopt it.

Ouasicoude loudly announced his intention to adopt the singer as his son.

He resolved to quit the world and adopt the Carthusian habit.

It is, I fear, too much the habit to adopt what is doubtless the view taken by the mountaineers themselves of these affairs.

But Margaret refused to adopt any such measures of precaution.

Word Origin & History of - Adopt

Word Origin & History of Adopt

Word Origin & History

adopt 1540s, from Fr. adopter (14c.), from L. adoptare "choose for oneself" (esp. a child); see adoption. Or perhaps a back-formation from Eng. adoption. Originally in Eng. also of friends, fathers, citizens, etc. Sense of "to legally take as one's own child" and that of "to embrace, espouse" a practice, method, etc. are from c.1600.

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