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Admonish Definition Admonish Meaning in Bengali

"Admonish Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Admonish. What are 5 "Admonish synonyms"? What is a better word for Admonish? What's another word for Admonish? How can I replace the word Admonish? What is the Definition of Admonish.

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Synonym of Admonish (verb)

exhort enjoin scold chide berate warn upbraid censure rebuke reprimand advise ding growl notice counsel forewarn hoist rap glue reprove check tell off call down call on the carpet come down hard on draw the line give a going over jack up rap on knuckles sit on slap on wrist speak to talk to tell a thing or two give a piece of one's mind

Example of Admonish

Example in a Sentences of Admonish

Example Sentences for admonish

The rule to admonish was a wise one, and was adopted to that end.

We come to admonish you that it is prepared, and about to come off.

In the next place, I have something about which I wish to admonish yourself.

I would address you frankly and admonish you to go no more into such places.

The philosophers among them continued to dispute, the clergy to admonish, the authors to write.

Let him admonish, let him teach, let him forbid what is improper!

Your years, which are not such as to preclude improvement, permit us to admonish you paternally.

But does not the past admonish those of us who are Preachers and Teachers?

His mother and his chum had to admonish him, and it was very sweet to get this sign of their love for him.

Write to me, Monkton—exhort me, admonish me, or forsake me for ever.

Word Origin & History of - Admonish

Word Origin & History of Admonish

Word Origin & History

admonish early 14c., from O.Fr. amonester (12c.), from V.L. admonestare, from L. admonere "advise, remind," from ad- "to" + monere "advise, warn" (see monitor). The -d- was restored on L. model. The ending was infl. by words in -ish (e.g. astonish). Related: Admonitory (1590s).

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