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Top ten synonyms Admirable. What are 5 "Admirable synonyms"? What is a better word for Admirable? What's another word for Admirable? How can I replace the word Admirable? What is the meaning of Admirable in English?

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Synonym of Admirable (adj)

great unreal praiseworthy valuable wonderful exquisite excellent commendable laudable attractive ace choice cool crackerjack deserving dream estimable fine good keen meritorious neat out of sight out of this world peachy rare solid super superior wicked worthy A-1 A-OK best ever copacetic greatest hunky dory meritable super-duper zero cool cat's pajamas

Example of Admirable

Example in a Sentences of Admirable

Example Sentences for admirable

His work abounds in an ingenious and admirable mingling of wit and humor.

An admirable plant for use where most other plants would fail.

Two admirable instructors were at hand—the army and the navy.

I know from the experience of one of my pianolist friends, how admirable this course is.

These books are admirable for supplementary reading classes.

Donaldson was a man in many respects remarkable, in some admirable.

I don't believe anything on earth would interfere with him in this most admirable duty.

Since then, I sit and whittle splints for my admirable wife.

His perfect candour and straightforwardness were not only admirable in themselves but were a great assistance to business.

I have been deeply interested by your admirable article on birds' nests.

Word Origin & History of - Admirable

Word Origin & History of Admirable

Word Origin & History

admirable 1590s, from Fr. admirable (O.Fr. amirable), from L. admirabilem, from admirari "to admire" (see admiration). In early years it also carried a stronger sense of "awe-inspiring.

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