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Adjoining Definition Adjoining Meaning in Bengali

"Adjoining Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Adjoining. What are 5 "Adjoining synonyms"? What is a better word for Adjoining? What's another word for Adjoining? How can I replace the word Adjoining? What is the Definition of Adjoining.

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Synonym of Adjoining (adjective)

neighboring contiguous adjacent joined near touching connecting interconnecting conterminous abutting impinging juxtaposed verging joining approximal bordering on coterminous next door

Example of Adjoining

Example in a Sentences of Adjoining

Example Sentences for adjoining

As I dressed I listened for a sound from the adjoining room.

The saddest group of all was in the adjoining room reserved for ladies.

Its walls have been covered with inscriptions found in the adjoining cemetery.

The tone of the man who was speaking with her in the adjoining bower was masterful, as I have said.

At the foot of the meadow they flew over to a small grove in the adjoining pasture.

Before Madeleine could reply, Mrs. Gilmer entered the adjoining room.

And there had been a door into an adjoining room, for he had seen a sallow-faced attendant passing in and out.

I commenced with horses, and ran several from the adjoining counties.

He had been awakened early by a hubbub of voices and laughter in the adjoining room.

Ferry sleeps in the adjoining room, anyhow, so he can look out for her.

Word Origin & History of - Adjoining

Word Origin & History of Adjoining

Word Origin & History

adjoin early 14c., from O.Fr. ajoin- stem of ajoindre, from L. adjungere "join to," from ad- "to" + jungere "to bind together" (see jugular).

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