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Adhesiveness Definition Adhesiveness Meaning in Bengali

"Adhesiveness Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Adhesiveness. What are 5 "Adhesiveness synonyms"? What is a better word for Adhesiveness? What's another word for Adhesiveness? How can I replace the word Adhesiveness? What is the Definition of Adhesiveness.

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Synonym of Adhesiveness (noun)

grip attachment cling adherence bond stickiness sticking

Example of Adhesiveness

Example in a Sentences of Adhesiveness

Example Sentences for adhesiveness

Linseed oils, raw and boiled, which are used to give consistency, adhesiveness and also elasticity to the coat when dry.

Acquisitiveness is an essential trait of aristocracy, and adhesiveness of its perpetuity.

The true location of acquisitiveness is anterior to combativeness, and lower than adhesiveness.

Directly above Inhabitiveness and Adhesiveness, Continuity is located.

Secretiveness shows opacity, while Combativeness shows intense activity which extends into Adhesiveness and cautiousness.

I mention this incident to give an idea of the adhesiveness of the glue used in the construction of Swifts' nests.

To prevent this and to increase its adhesiveness it is sometimes mixed with a little gum.

A little boiled rice flour improves its adhesiveness for indoor use.

Adhesiveness seems to be the head and front, the bones and the blood, of their creed.

Fipps was a man of cosmopolitan tastes, and he had not the phrenological organs of locality and adhesiveness largely developed.

Word Origin & History of - Adhesiveness

Word Origin & History of Adhesiveness

Word Origin & History

adhesive 1660s, from Fr. adhésif, formed in Fr., from L. adhaesionem (nom. adhaesio) "a sticking to" (see adhesion). The noun is attested from 1912.

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